The Davidsons

Many alumni credit 4-H for developing life skills, career preparedness and lasting friendships. For Jered and Lindsey Davidson, involvement in 4-H not only led them to a lifelong passion for the organization, but also lifelong partners in marriage. Read more about the Davidsons.

Wilma Wendt Pattillo & Karen Keller

Honoring her mother’s 4-H legacy, Karen Keller’s continuous generosity to the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation will provide new opportunities for 4-H members in the fabrics and fashions project area. Read more about Wilma Wendt Pattillo and Karen Keller.

Knoepfli Family

When Karen Buck talks about her late parents, Walter and Isobel Knoepfli, is it apparent they were passionate supporters of not only her and her sister, Karla Knoepfli, but also supporters of the countless 4-H members they loved like their own. Read more about the Knoepfli Family.

The Bensons

Gene and Ann Benson have been a part of Oklahoma 4-H for the majority of their lives. Read more about the Bensons.

The Chapmans

Hughes County 4-H alumni Jack and Beverly Chapman have deep roots in Oklahoma 4-H. Read more about the Chapmans.

Gardner Family

For the Gardners, 4-H truly is a family tradition. Read more about the Gardner Family.

Bill Doenges

Like many 4-H alumni, Bill Doenges said 4-H molded him from a shy child to one who possessed the drive to succeed in life. Read more about Bill Doenges.