About Us


The mission of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation is to support youth development in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma 4-H Foundation achieves this through:

  • Private fund development to support programs, scholarships, awards and activities.

  • Increasing public awareness of the many benefits of 4-H Youth Development Programs.

  • Promoting 4-H as the youth development program of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

  • Recognizing and communicating with 4-H alumni as partners.

  • Coordinating and supporting fund development for 4-H at all levels.


The Oklahoma 4-H Foundation is an integral partner of 4-H serving as a catalyst in a unified effort to create partnerships, acquire resources, and focus collective energies for the betterment of Oklahoma youth.

4-H History



Starting more than 100 years ago, club were created to unite students with passions for agriculture. In 1902, the first club, either named “The Tomato Club” or “The Corn Growing Club,” is coined with being the birth of 4-H in the United States.


In 1910, Jessie Field Shambaugh developed the four-leaved clover pin with an ‘H’ on each leaf. The Smith-Lever Act was signed in 1914, which created the Cooperative Extension System; this nationalized the 4-H organization. At this time, 4-H focused solely on agriculture, home economics and related subjects. 


The 4-H joined all 4-H groups, no longer allowing division among their organization for any matter. The focus was directed around evolving youth into contributing members of society through projects, events and activities. 


Today, with an expansive reach across rural, urban and suburban communities, 4-H members can travel internationally, research top issues in agriculture and attend leadership camps across the nation, among other opportunities.