Is the 4-H Foundation a qualified 501.c.3 Foundation?


Yes, the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation has been granted non-profit corporation status as a public charity. Our letter of determination was dated January 5, 2009 and was effective on July 23, 2008. Prior to that date, the 4-H Foundation, like many other 4-H organizations operated under what was called a Group Exemption Number (GEN). All gifts given to the Foundation qualify as charitable contributions to the extent allowed by law

How much of my donation can be deducted on my taxes?

Individuals should consult a CPA or Tax Consultant for answers to specific questions about taxes. Generally speaking, the amount you give to the 4-H Foundation may be deducted as long as you received nothing in return for the money you gave. When you receive something in return for your gift, only a portion may be deductible. For instance, when you register for the 4-H Clover Classic Golf Tournament, you pay a registration that includes the cost of playing 18 holes of golf. The charitable part of your registration is only that part that exceeds the amount charged for the golf. If you paid $250 to play, but the course only costs $100, then you get credit for $150 charitable gift.

Can I donate to support a specific 4-H member?


You should always consult a tax consultant or CPA for the final answer on tax questions. However, as a general rule you cannot donate to a specific individual and take a deduction for that gift. If you designate your donation to support a specific 4-H member, then you are making a gift for the benefit of that child and it is not considered a charitable donation. If you give a gift to support all of the members in a certain program, then you will probably be able to count that as a charitable donation.

Who serves on the 4-H Foundation Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who are elected to serve three-year terms of office. Up to 25 Directors may be elected to serve at any one time. Among those one must be an active Extension Educator and one must be an active 4-H member at the time of their election. Two ex-officio members include the current Associate Director for Extension and the current State 4-H Program Leader for OSU. Five non-voting advisory members are also asked to serve to represent the interests of the following 4-H organizations or groups: volunteers, ambassadors, educators, collegiate 4-H and State 4-H Council. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting Secretary to the Board. Many of the Directors are former 4-H members, but being a 4-H alum is not required. Directors are encouraged to donate to the 4-H Foundation, but there is not a set requirement to donate a minimum amount in order to serve

The Board meets twice a year in official business meetings, and once a year for a planning retreat, which may include a short business session if needed. The annual meeting of the Board is held each year in the 4th quarter of the year, and other meetings are called at the discretion of the current board. The practice has been to meet each year in either March or April and in November. No member is paid for their service on the Board of Directors. Members do not receive reimbursement for their attendance at Board meetings, and there are no stipends for serving on the Board. Board meetings usually include a lunch or dinner meal, which is provided by the Foundation.

How often does the Board of Directors meet?

Yes, the 4-H Foundation has a grant program for innovative county or club programs. The 4-H Enhancement Grant program distributes from $14,000 to $25,000 annually, depending on available funds, and applications. Please see the 4-H Enhancement Grant section under the “'What We Do' tab for the current guidelines for the grant program and find the application under the 'Forms' tab.

Does the 4-H Foundation give out grants?

The purpose of the 4-H Foundation is to support the Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development Program. It is not within the charitable intent of the Foundation to make gifts to individuals to help them purchase materials for their 4-H projects. Many local 4-H clubs conduct fund raising activities to help members with their project expenses.

Will the 4-H Foundation buy me a calf or a dog or the material to complete my 4-H project?

If I have won a scholarship in the past, do I need to fill out another scholarship agreement form?

Anytime a scholarship has been won, regardless if the recipient is not college-aged or any previous scholarship wins, they need to fill out the agreement specific to the scholarship at hand to the 4-H Foundation. This ensures recipients scholarship money will be held until they get to college.